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The Great American Eclipse 2017

I had the amazing opportunity to fly to Wyoming and meet up with some travelers to watch the moon cross the sun. It only lasted a brief moment but time sure did slow down, well it felt that way to me at least.

I landed early in the day at DEN and took care of some local business before heading north to WY. I enjoy driving through the streets of Denver because it’s charm is matched by it’s enjoyable summer weather. And the small residential streets mingle with busy arteries and everything you need is nearby or close enough to get a lot of things done. I love seeing people outside enjoying the city. It must be nice to live in an area where you can sit outside and not have to point a fan on your body or have to go back inside to cool down or wipe your body down with a sweat towel. (I’m not alone with this huh?)

The drive out of the city sucked only when the interstate would loose a lane and traffic slowed and stopped at some points. Apparently, a lot of people were headed in the same direction as me. That thought didn’t cross my mind.

Casper is a charming city. I wish I had spent more time driving around and exploring what is offered but next time maybe I’ll have my own schedule to follow. After the eclipse, we hung out at the RV for about an hour while the city cleared out. Will and Courtney took the RV to Yellowstone and I followed Eddie and Cat back to Denver. I really wanted to return via Laramie but a wreck caused a backup on the highway that was supposed to last the rest of the day.

I regret not driving that way. Because me, Eddie, Cat, and all of Colorado traveled down the same road with the same destination. So after 12 hours of driving (4 hours is the normal timeframe) and stopping myself from going crazy, pulling over a few times to take a nap, I finally made it to Golden just after 4 AM where my hotel was canceled because I didn’t arrive in time despite calling and letting them know I would arrive super late.

Both my primary and backup credit cards didn’t work. Thrifty placed a hold on my first card and froze all my money for about a week. And my backup card was canceled for fraud during that 12 hour trek. I had no money and I was literally all alone. I lost track of Eddie and Cat somewhere along the drive plus they stopped overnight in Cheyenne. I tried to park in a dark area in the hotel’s parking lot but it was too loud and too many random people walking around. I drove to a Walmart and parked between two RVs. I got maybe 2 hours of sleep. Ah, who am I kidding? Those two hours were not quality.

I drove to the nearest Starbucks and took care of my morning business, (feeling much better after that purge if you know what I mean.) I had enough change for a grande pikes roast and bagel. I hadn’t eaten since about noon the day before. And I was officially out of money.

IMG_20170822_083832160I did spend some time at Lookout Mountain in Golden where Wild Bill Cody is buried. Make sure you take the time to visit that site. It’s a charming mountain side that I would love to live on for a while.

Courtney gave me a Southwest voucher so for lunch and dinner I had a glass of wine. That wine helped me relax and keep my feelings to myself. I love traveling alone because I only have to deal with my own self. I don’t have anyone to complain to and there is no one there to get on my nerves or worry about. As soon as the plane landed in HOU I got a migraine and had no meds to take.

The drive from the airport was about 45 mins. I had to stop in Sugar Land and throw up all the wine I had. That’s what migraines do to me; the pain is so bad that all I can do is vomit and not cry out loud. I don’t know exactly how much of the stomach contents blew back into the car but I couldn’t slow down fast enough.

The next day I had to return to work.

But everything is a learning experience and must be taken paid attention to. You never know….but now I do.

The next North American Eclipse will take place in TEXAS 2024!!!

Please tell me your experience with 2017’s eclipse. Share your pics too.



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