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The Great American Eclipse 2017 I had the amazing opportunity to fly to Wyoming and meet up with some travelers to watch the moon cross the sun. It only lasted a brief moment but time sure did slow down, well it felt that way to me at least. I landed early in the day at DEN and took care… Continue reading The Great American Eclipse 2017


The Journey Back to Earth Book Release

 The Journey Back to Earth and other short stories I'm more than excited to eventually share with you these four stories. While I think all quote-unquote normal authors wait and write for the day when they release a novel that transcends all that has ever been published, which secures their name in the cannon of their hopeful literary… Continue reading The Journey Back to Earth Book Release


do dreams work

There are so many "guidelines" to consider when writing literature. Every writer who want's to be published has to consider the following things: the genera, the style, word count, tone, character driven vs action or both, will your novel be a series, will it have any sociological impact, will it be banned from school libraries?… Continue reading do dreams work


The Truth About Santa: A Christmas Story

I don’t recall the year, but the first Christmas I remember was a magical one that puts all other days of my life to shame. I was woken up by one of my brothers and sleepily walked out of our shared bedroom, down the hall where every step on the hardwood creaked and popped, and… Continue reading The Truth About Santa: A Christmas Story


Out West

Us Underwood boys finally took that road trip out west that we'd been talking about for years. My dad was a professional truck driver and only flew if it were absolutely necessary. He traveled to every state in the Continental US though I can only remember him flying twice. He could look at an atlas… Continue reading Out West


Familiar Spirits

It's finally here! Well, almost. The release date for the paperback version of Familiar Spirits is September 3, 2012, although the kindle version is currently for sale. This special edition includes the original script as it was presented all those years ago (2010) as a dinner show with a few photos. Familiar Spirits is my… Continue reading Familiar Spirits