When was the last time you read a short story?

My very first collection of short stories are available now in both paperback and ebook. The paperback is scattered with original photographs from around New Orleans and SouthEast Texas. I used these four stories to hone my fiction writing and experiment with certain things that I’ve only read about in book and never written (first person present being one of them).

The Journey Back To Earth, a collection of shorts stories including: The Hair From The Attic, Hansen Street, Don’t Let Go, and The Journey Back To Earth. The collection contains four stories that deal with the respective characters’ innermost thoughts, fears, and secrets. Those secrets fuel the fear of honest thinking and realizing the truth of their personal situations. The Hair From The Attic, a teenage boy is shipped off to spend each summer with his aunt in a rickety house in swampy, southern Louisiana. He’s forbidden to go up to the attic. He’s even forbidden to talk about it. But he discovers what’s up there anyway. Hansen Street, a story about a sad son and his careless mother as they try to love each other and attempt to get along. Don’t Let Go, a group of young boys escape their suburban homes for a midnight run through the woods to trash a legendary mansion that is rumored to be haunted. The Journey Back To Earth, A young man running from a secret befriends a peculiar boy with a secret of his own. One haunting, midnight trip to a cemetery changes his life forever while an onslaught of prescription drugs forces a ghostly vision that provides him with the exact relief he had been searching for.

The cover image is taken by Will Young, an astronomer, astrophotographer, musician, audio engineer, glass blower, and many other things. Check out his music and images.


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