Week 1 ✓

My first week as a stay-at-home-freelance-writer was successful. But I feel that whatever I did, as long as I ticked things off my to-do list, would have been considered a success. The biggest thing I worked toward was the release of my first romance novella and all the many, many, many action items that are required to sturdy a foundation for a decent release.

I am a planner. I love an old-fashioned paper calendar. I also love most of what Google can offer me and the Google calendar is my first stop for reminders and events. However, the month view is too small on my phone. I can look at my paper calendar and see the entire month’s items. My soul is pleased to see those daily squares full with words and check marks.

I’m happy to have finalized the manuscript and began work on the novel portion of the novella/novel duet series. 82% of the premarketing images and posts have been scheduled. So as I think about next week and the video I should film and post and all the other prerelease things left to do…..I’m thrilled and excited. While I don’t have income coming in just yet, my productivity feels like I’m finally getting my time’s worth.


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